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RID 3232

The magnificent heirloom of District 3232 was known as RID 3230 till June 2016. The district got bifurcated for better administrative purposes from July 2017 as RID 3232 with a strength of over 20,000 energetic budding leaders.

The RI District 3232 is a realm of possibilities. It is the largest District in the World, with the highest membership strength and the largest All Women Club. RID 3232 is so far, the only district to have conducted the Beennial South Asian Multidistrict Convention, ROTASIA (2002 2007). Renown its professional reputation in the Rotary Movement, RID 3232 has conducted conventions, hosting more than 1000 Rotaractors from various South Asian Countries. A distinct milestone here, is for having executed 100 Projects in 24 hours, across all four avenues of service, to commemorate the Rotary Centennial Year. RID 3232 also boasts two accomplishments in the Guinness World Book of Records, for the Largest human HI-5 and World’s Largest Human Flag formation. Not to mention, the book of many firsts, here from the time of RID 3230.

Members of the District Rotaract Council devote themselves to the movement, and the entire Rotary-Rotaract Family, bringing a sense of unity. These committed and continuously-evolving individuals play a significant part in the history of this thriving district. Numerous events are organized by the District Rotaract Council to encourage interaction and professional development amongst the members.


Rtr. PP. Gowtham Raj S

District Rotaract Representative 2022-23

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.” - Maya Angelou

Enthusiastic greetings to zestful members of our illustrious Rotary and Rotaract movement. Rotaract is a significant association, a global organisation and more over a family to all of us. This esteemed administration has brought a lot of difference in my life. The chance to be a part of this reputable platform is a great boon for all of us. Indeed, we need to withhold our social responsibilities within ourselves. I find Rotaract to be an excellent place for personality development and it firms us well for life; it has also been an affirmation on my career ladder. With the concept of Elevate Rotaract from this year, we are bestowed with the opportunity to enhance all the glorious experiences we have gained these years and put them to use to create a marvellous Rotaract membership to continue for the upcoming years. I desire that all my fellow Rotaractors could experience the glorious Rotaract that I have experienced for the years in the future. Let’s straddle the world with the power of the movement and “Inspire Others."


Rtr. Keshikka S

District Rotaract Secretary 2022-23

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” -Winston Churchill

Rotaract is a worldwide organisation. This prestigious platform has brought a lot of difference in my life. The noble cause of service we render in the name of the organisation and the friendship we build is of great treasure. The skills I have embarked on with my journey in Rotaract are inextensible. The knowledge and life ascertaining aspects I learned in my tenure proved to be a great asset in my life. The opportunity to be a part of this beautiful movement must be cherished and utilised to enhance oneself to a greater extent. The website’s motto is to record a pleasant commendation and outstanding efforts in bringing the details and features of the district to light in a great form.