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    Diana Jameson Hi James! It’s Diana, I just wanted to let you know that we have to reschedule...
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    Jake Parker Great, I’ll see you tomorrow!.
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    Elaine Dreyfuss We’ll have to check that at the office and see if the client is on board with...
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    You, Faye, Ed & Jet +3 Ed: Yeah! Seems fine by me!
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About Rotaract

Rotaract is an acronym for 'Rotary in Action! It is a youth-lead movement/organisation, with its central focus on, capturing the raw potential of the youngsters and channel it appropriately. Comprising of College and Community- Based clubs, Rotaract is spread across 105 countries, having over 1.7 lakh Rotaractors, with 10% of the entire Rotaractors worldwide coming from Rl district 3232 (comprises of clubs based in Chennai). The volunteers of this movement believe in bringing out a positive change in this society. Rotaract clubs have been instrumental in spreading awareness about Rotary International's flagship projects over the years. As a call for a closer partnership between Rotary and Rotaract, "Elevate Rotaract" has been introduced.

Elevate Rotaract

New Rotaract clubs are no longer obliged to rely on a Rotary club to sponsor them; they shall now sponsor themselves or choose another Rotaract club as their sponsor. Rotaractors are now eligible and encouraged, to serve alongside Rotarians on District and RI Committees.


About Rotary

Rotary International, is a globally recognized secular organization, where a confederation of professional leaders, provide humanitarian services, to build peace in the world. Rotary International is present in over 200 countries and geographical areas, in which there are approximately 34,000 clubs and around 1.2 million Rotary members globally. Humanitarian, intellectual and educational activities are performed by the Rotary Clubs for the betterment of the communities. Rotary helps create lasting relationships and advance in international understanding through execution of projects with clubs in other countries. High ethical standards in all fields are also actively encouraged and implemented here.